C&I Engineering

Sustainable Solutions

Through C&I’s long-standing history in the energy sector, we have implemented numerous projects in which we worked with our clients to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. We are continually seeking opportunities to transfer these skills to support green initiatives in all industries we serve. Our associates are committed to being good environmental stewards and bring a focus on sustainable solutions throughout our engineering designs.

Innovative Environmental Endeavors

C&I’s commitment to addressing sustainability is realized through our selective partnership with BioProducts, LLC as their exclusive engineering provider. Through their patented processes, agricultural waste streams are converted to profitable and beneficial products while eliminating harmful pollutants. This provides a unique opportunity to better the environment while simultaneously increasing your bottom line.

Working within operating facilities, we have achieved significant energy savings for our clients. Our novel sustainable solutions approach identifies opportunities through process modeling to optimize heat integration and system pressures. This carbon footprint reduction is beneficial to all parties involved, including the local utility company, who often initiates and funds these studies.

Sustainable Solutions Manager

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