C&I Engineering

Innovation Spanning Industries

Diversity of clients allows us to bring fresh perspective to each of our designs.

  1. Chemical

    From Concept to Detailed Design, C&I helps develop and optimize processes for both greenfield and retrofit applications. We bring our strong safety culture and familiarization with OSHA-PSM to comply with evolving environmental and safety regulations.

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  2. Utilities

    At C&I we leverage our expertise across all industries to provide innovative solutions that are safe and reliable, allowing our utility customers and “keep the lights on”.

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  3. Consumer Packaged Goods

    We partner our extensive experience and knowledge in hygienic design with your concept to quickly develop a process that meets your business case. From concept to installation and start up, our team delivers an integrated design utilizing our full-discipline team.

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  4. Food & Beverage

    Our full discipline team understands time to market is critical and are adept at coming up with solutions quickly. From conceptual design to full-scale production, C&I helps develop and optimize food and beverage facilities to produce high-quality, safe, and sanitary designs.

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  5. Distilled Spirits

    C&I understands the regulatory needs and delicate processes of producing distilled spirits. Combining this with our versatile spectrum of experience within the food & beverage, packaging, and utility design industries, makes us a huge asset to distillers. Form and function must go hand in hand to have a successful operation, and our team has the resources to achieve a cohesive design.

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  6. Refining

    C&I is a recognized leader in the industry, appearing on the ENR Top 20 list in Engineering for Refineries for over 15 years. No engineering firm is more comfortable in and around the refinery. Several C&I associates have been employed at refineries across the country, bringing the “design it as if we were to run it” mindset to our projects.

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  7. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) & Thiochemicals

    We are uniquely experienced in this arena. Our designs are truly world class, spanning from some of the largest plants in the world to small facilities filling industry-specific needs. C&I’s experience with H2S extends beyond the mining use, we have been on the forefront of developing thiochemicals for many applications.

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