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Power & Controls

C&I’s Electrical Engineers and Designers, over half of whom are Professional Engineers, offer a wide variety of experience with power systems, instrumentation, communications, control systems and safety instrumented systems (SIS). As an expert in these areas, our clients have relied on us to perform program management within their facilities to replace aging electrical assets, upgrade instrumentation, and comply with safety codes.

Mitigating Risks, Optimizing Controls

The key to operating an efficient process is selecting the optimal control strategy and associated instrumentation. We emphasize our safety slogan, Safety By Design, every time we approach a project. In partnership with our client, we participate in hazard reviews to identify safety-critical parts of the process. When risks cannot be eliminated in the design, we employ our vast experience implementing SIS applications to avoid adverse consequences.

From programming local PLC/HMIs for an independent processes to integrating into complex plant control systems, our team’s knowledge allows us to seamlessly incorporate our designs. We have assisted our clients in building extensive fiber networks and installing state-of-the-art operator consoles to increase system reliability.

Electrical Expertise

A solid electrical infrastructure is critical to plant operations. C&I has been at the forefront of many projects with the goal of improving reliability and safety of electrical systems. This is achieved by upgrading antiquated electrical equipment to reduce potential for arc flash making equipment safer for maintenance and operations, and increasing reliability through redundant power sources for critical processes. We optimize system performance by balancing loads and coordinating electrical circuit protection, thus reducing plant downtime.

When working on projects, we apply our knowledge of codes and standards to perform hazardous area classification evaluations. This is essential to developing equipment layout and selecting appropriate system components. Due to our expertise, clients lean on us to provide audits of their facility to identify gaps and provide remediation plans. When it comes to electrical installations, C&I puts your safety first!

Our Tools

  • Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation, INtools
  • SKM and ETAP electrical systems analysis
  • Instrucalc

Department Services

  • Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
  • DCS and SIS Design, Compliance, and Upgrades
  • Area Classification
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Overhead Line Design
  • PLC and Operator Interface Programming

Power & Controls Engineering Department Manager

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