C&I Engineering


From navigating the bidding process and market approach to negotiating terms and conditions, everything we do with respect to procuring equipment and materials yields fiscally favorable results for our clients.

On-Time Delivery

Procurement is an integral part of each and every project. Our clients appreciate our expertise in this area, as we supplement their procurement departments for the unique demands of capital projects. We can facilitate the bidding and buying process, expedite delivery, and handle inspection and prequalification. Our team frequently plays a key role in factory acceptance testing. Acting as agent for the clients, we adapt to their specific purchasing preferences, using their purchase order terms and conditions and preferred vendors.

As an engineering provider, we understand that procurement is a key component of project schedules and budgets. Therefore, a benefit of turning to C&I for procurement services includes our Equipment, Materials and Service System, EMS, a tool that tracks the progress of engineering items from the feasibility stage of a project all the way through delivery. This robust, proprietary tool allows us to organize, track and maintain vendor submittals that are integral to the overall design, setting our projects up for success.

Our Tools

  • Equipment, Materials, Service System

Procurement Manager

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