C&I Engineering


At the Forefront of All We Do

The associates at C&I Engineering are well equipped and trained to operate safely in nearly any environment, even a facility that they have never set foot in before. We have established a culture at C&I that values health and safety to the highest degree, whether within our own walls or at the location of a project. At the basis of safety is teamwork, which is exemplified by the 100% employee involvement and management support throughout our Safety by Design program. We believe that each individual must be a safety partner, fully committed to the cause, in order to succeed as a whole.

Safety is at the very root of how we design as an engineering firm. We believe that by implying intention to everything we do, we support the trust and partnership we create with our clients, vendors and contractors. The thoughtful nature of our engineering controls ensures each aspect of our design considers and prioritizes safety. We purposefully apply our inherently safe design practices to each and every project we touch.

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star-certification – 6 Years of Safety Excellence

C&I is honored to be the first engineering firm site-based in Illinois to earn the coveted Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star-certification from OSHA.  Ray Roberson, C&I’s Executive Director of Operations and Safety, noted the bottom line to the achievement is that C&I genuinely cares for the safety and health of our employees and the clients we serve, and we chose to pattern our Safety program after the top-shelf VPP example.  The accreditation demonstrates C&I has been measured to the highest of safety standards and succeeded.  As many of C&I’s clients embody VPP, the desire to emulate it was paramount.  VPP is commonly associated with construction firms and manufacturing facilities, but participation by an engineering firm is rare.  In fact, OSHA was surprised to initially see an engineering firm apply, but was convinced once C&I’s rationale was communicated.  Ray explained, “Our team, intermittently onsite, is not exposed to the daily hazard reminders plant personnel receive.  As such, being acutely aware of how to safely navigate a refinery or plant is magnified.”  Once OSHA understood this rationale, they embraced C&I’s desire to attain the VPP Star certification designation.  C&I is quite proud of achieving VPP Star certification status in November of 2018.

“Safety is my favorite part of my job and I’m proud of C&I’s Safety reputation. The most rewarding aspect of working at C&I over these many years has been the feeling of ownership and collaboration I see and feel when I watch our many associates work together to maintain such a successful and robust Safety Program. Each and every employee takes their Safety responsibility for themselves and others around them seriously. That mentality matches so well with our overall ownership culture at C&I.”

Ray Roberson – Director of Operations & Safety