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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) & Thiochemicals

We are uniquely experienced in this arena. Our designs are truly world class, spanning from some of the largest plants in the world to small facilities filling industry-specific needs. No matter the size, they all reliably produce the purest H2S in the industry. C&I applies decades of experience in H2S design and on-site support to provide our clients with excellent results.

Proven, Proprietary Process

Over the past several decades, clients have come to count on our H2S technology. We’ve earned the trust of mining operations all over the world. This expertise has been garnered over years of conducting H2S studies and conceptual design projects. We offer a front-end process design package to meet every H2S need.

We have simplified H2S generation by eliminating catalysts in our reactor. This allows us to lower operation and maintenance costs while maintaining the purest quality H2S. Our involvement does not stop at design, frequently we oversee building and start-up to ensure smooth and safe operation and consistent performance levels.

“We’ve been really pleased with C&I’s willingness to think creatively.”

Plant Engineering Group Leader – Hunt Refining Company

Innovative H2S Applications

C&I’s experience with H2S extends beyond the mining use. Our Process Team developed technology to upgrade H2S to form thiochemical, Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS), for specialty applications while bringing value to the refinery. We are also versed in oxygen enrichment and Sulfur Recovery Units at petroleum refineries. Our extensive experience with sulfur-based compounds and versatile thought processes prepare us to tackle your challenges to address market demand increases.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) & Thiochemicals Project Manager

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