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Refinery Energy Conservation Audit


C&I was approached with an opportunity to assist our client and the local utility provider, Pugit Sound Energy, to discover energy conservation ideas to present for grant funding. Our Process team focused on refinery electrical users to identify inefficiencies and propose control strategy to reduce energy demand. To increase payback over time, operation of compressors and pumps were altered to reduce the amount of recycle through the process, resulting in less energy usage.

Through our ASHRAE level 2 energy audit, the proposed scope reduced kilowatt usage by 1,626 hours per year. Our team’s out-of-the-box approach resulted in significant savings and favorable payback. Taking an in-depth review of the facility, beyond the typical ASHRAE updates, we were able to identify unique applications for reducing electrical energy usage.

“The individuals who work in refineries everyday were impressed with the ideas and thoughts our team created. We were able to identify energy savings where no one else could.”

John Droste, C&I Project Manager

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