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The C&I Difference

Your Success is Our Success


Partnership and Service

We perform as an extension of your team to really understand each project, and provide synergy from start to completion. Our collaborative nature extends beyond our own walls. C&I is an employee-owned, relationship-driven company, and therefore are invested in the success of our clients. Our associates are flexible, adaptable and very strong listeners, enabling us to engage our clients, perhaps unlike any other engineering firm.

Our associates are eager to tackle any project a client gives us, so much so that we want to pick the brains of everyone who may operate the processes, or maintain any of the equipment we design. We want to know what all these key people want to see in our finished product. The nature of the work we do at C&I requires constant interaction between internal and external team members, so each team is hand-picked to fit project objectives. This is why when projects end, our clients are eager to find new projects for their C&I teams to dig into, design and deliver.



Our teams are filled with leaders and communicators who strive for perfection and challenge their team leads and peers to find ways to improve their work. Our teams engage client counterparts in an effort to investigate all angles and exhaust all opportunities to find the very best solution to any challenge.

At the heart of our design is our expert thought process, which allows us to provide solutions that are tailored to each project. C&I understands that deliverables vary from client to client, however, the quality of our thought process is never compromised. We work at a high standard and our trademark commitment to sound engineering provides superior results. We do the right things right.

As an employee-owned company, we have developed internal Project Management Instructions and Engineering Instructions that are maintained by the Project Management and Project Engineering groups and utilized on all of our projects, ensuring superior results. These instructions are routinely reviewed throughout the company to keep our established processes and procedures at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Training is emphasized at all levels in our organization to keep current with technology, enhance careers and expand our service offerings.



On each project, we bring the experiences and outlooks we have gained from different industries to enhance our design. Our teams transfer these skills to pivot to new and expanding markets. We have worked alongside teams from many different industry backgrounds and can apply in varied ways to adapt to these different fields.

Through the years we have experienced a great deal of success, satisfying client after client with sound, thoughtful solutions. We hand-pick each team to fit project objectives. Our team works in sync to bring your concept to life.