C&I Engineering

Distilled Spirits

C&I has become the engineering partner to several of Kentucky’s oldest distilleries by applying the knowledge gained from our rich history working with the food & beverage industry. Our team has worked on numerous projects to expand capacity and improve process operations and reliability. We understand that form and function must go hand in hand to have a successful operation, and we have the resources to achieve a cohesive design. While we are rooted in Bourbon Country, we look forward to expanding our footprint to other spirits and regions.

“The partnership with C&I helped to bring our expectations of the process to reality. We look forward to future partnerships in our ever growing future.  We cannot wait to see this process in action!”

Maintenance Manager – Angels Envy

We Bring Value

Our versatile spectrum of experience includes projects within the food & beverage, packaging, and utility design industries, making us a huge asset to distillers. Our strengths in process optimization and electrical infrastructure add to the benefit of hiring us as an engineering partner.

C&I has experience working within bourbon distilleries and understands the regulatory needs and delicate processes of producing this refined spirit. We focus on the distillery’s customer experience and ensure our design provides a safe facility for touring.

Our engineering team has extensive experience with retrofit design. Working within an existing facility – as opposed to a green field project – presents a host of challenges. It requires a different skill set to discover client preferences and to integrate effectively with existing designs. Our people travel to these sites during the design phase of nearly all our projects.

Distilled Spirits Project Manager

Our Proof is in Our People