C&I Engineering

Consumer Packaged Goods

Whether you’re looking to increase production capacity, optimize your existing batch making capabilities, or reconfigure your existing process to add new product lines, C&I is the smart choice. Using our process expertise, we’re able to bring your concept to life, whether in a new facility or an existing plant. Our skilled eye for facility layout allows us to craft a solution that meets your business needs, while keeping in mind operability, maintainability, and safety.

From Concept to Shelf

Our skills don’t stop there. We can fully automate your system by providing sophisticated batching control and programming. Our project involvement reaches beyond the design phase and follows through to construction support, commissioning, operator training, and startup. We are with you until the first product hits the shelf.

“I appreciate the timeliness of our packages and other deliverables, the C&I team was able to ‘make things happen’ very quickly with a high degree of accuracy.”

Head of Engineering – Visual Pak

Time to Market is Critical

We partner our extensive experience and knowledge in hygienic design with your concept to quickly develop a process that meets your business case. From concept to installation and start up, our team delivers an integrated design utilizing our full-discipline team. Leveraging relationships with your team, suppliers, and contractors allows us to accelerate the schedule, while sound project management methodologies help minimize rework and maintain quality.

Consumer Packaged Goods Project Manager

Our Proof is in Our People