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69 kV Substation Replacement


The goal of this project was to replace antiquated electrical equipment, much of which was over 40 years old. Our team developed the scope from the Feasibility phase through Implementation, Start-up and Commissioning of the relay building and substation. C&I’s team drew on expertise from previous projects to assist with substation design, cutover planning and load balancing. We were able to work with the client to adjust project cash flow to coordinate with the turnaround schedule.

Due to geographical constraints, the project combined three substations into one. This resulted in multiple cutovers spread over 5 years to match turnaround outages. To make space for the new substation, several storage areas had to be relocated. After installation, the project finished $3MM under budget with minimal RFIs from construction.

What We Did...

What This Client Said

"I want to thank everyone involved for their help in getting Substation 910 built, integrated, and online. To pull off a project of this size with so few issues, while staying on schedule and under budget is a testament to the quality of the team, at C&I, PECO, Turner, and across the departments at MPC. Fantastic job!"

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  1. Tyler Davidson

    Project Manager

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