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Dimethyl Sulfide Grass Roots Plant

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) & Thiochemicals

C&I is excited to have provided design for the unique process of converting waste H2S from the refinery process to Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS), one of the only plants in the world. When our client began expanding their plant to process heavy sour crude, they were faced with additional H2S to treat. C&I assisted with a cost comparison between options including installing a third Claus/Tail Gas Treating unit, versus converting to DMS. The neighboring facility uses DMS as a precursor to another compound for production of medical patches. Seeing this as a mutual beneficial opportunity, our Process team leveraged their experience with H2S to create a new process by regressing coefficients in the simulation model based on lab work to predict the reaction chemistry.

Once the process was designed, our full discipline team took the concept to reality. We were able to successfully integrate a grass roots plant including five (5) fractionation towers and several supporting pieces of equipment into the existing facility. Our team helped with providing operator training and assisting with start-up, commissioning, and construction support. At the completion of the project, the DMS produced was of higher quality than the chromatograph calibration sample!

This project was so successful that we are now looking into opportunities to expand production capacity by either modifying the existing plant or installing a parallel plant.

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