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Primary 13.8kV Feeder to Unit


Our team provided engineering design to install 13.8kV feeders as primary supply to the a major refinery unit via load break switches to the unit’s substation transformers. This unit is integral to refinery profitability; therefore, increasing reliability to avoid an unexpected outage was a critical project objective. Reliability was improved by serving the unit’s load from independent 13.8kV feeders and extending the main-tie-main philosophy at each of the downstream distribution voltage levels present in the unit (4.16kV, 2.4kV and 480V), requiring addition of new equipment in the existing electrical building. Cable tray infrastructure was installed to support the new feeders.

The team was challenged to integrate new gear into the already congested operating unit. Our open communication and interactive project management style allowed us to involve maintenance, operations, and construction to balance project objectives and meet stakeholder needs.

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  1. John Droste

    Project Manager

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