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13.8 kV Substation Replacement


Our team has been on the ground floor of the Electrical Upgrades program for this client; helping manage cash flow, identifying scope, and assisting with budget development. For this project, we completed Feasibility through Implementation to improve the plant reliability, flexibility and safety by replacing the existing substation electrical equipment with new upgraded components. By replacing the switchgear with an enhanced design, utilizing arc-resistant switchgear, and solid-state relaying schemes, the system is much safer and more reliable. The existing Sync Bus was replaced with a Ring Bus to improve reliability.

The criticality of this electrical gear required extensive planning to ensure the deenergizing and energizing did not result in any loss in production or safety incidents. Our team designed the equipment layout and purchased a new building to house the gear. We coordinated construction, operations, and maintenance to develop a staging plan for demolition and install.

Scope to accomplish this included larger capacity transformers, 13.8kV arc resistant switchgear with additional feeder capacity, new current limiting reactors and interconnecting cable bus. 

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    Project Manager

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