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Flexible Hydrotreater


C&I initiated this project at Feasibility and saw it through to Detailed Design. The goal of this project was to gain ability to process naphtha and gas oil simultaneously, allowing the refinery to become flexible to market changes. In order to save our client significant capital investment and improve their ROI, our team took an outside-of-the-box approach of utilizing the reaction section and repurposing equipment. This strengthened our partnership and demonstrated our commitment to finding cost-saving opportunities for our clients.

A key component of this project was repurposing dated, idled equipment, requiring C&I involvement in fit-for-service evaluations. As part of this effort, we modified the charge heater to change the burners and add a burner management system that wasn’t there before. This required installation of a SIS infrastructure, which was used to support temperature monitoring on reactor and burner management system.

What This Client Said

"Quality was good and cost estimate was almost perfect."

This Project’s Team

  1. Keith Schweitzer

    Senior Project Manager

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