C&I Engineering

C&I Values Wellness

When you think of the word wellness, what comes to mind? For the majority of us, our first thought is simply physical health, but in reality, wellness extends to all facets of our lives. Physical wellness is important, but there are several more aspects to consider, such as emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, social, and spiritual. It is important for each individual to weigh these facets to create an ideal balance in their lives. This balance is something completely distinctive to each person and tailored to that person’s specific needs.

Here at C&I, we take into account each of these important aspects of wellness and try to determine how we can relate them to our work environment in order to support each associate and their needs. Our goal is to prioritize positive wellness practices and to provide the tools required to improve each individual’s wellbeing.

Last month, we conducted a very successful Wellness Fair that featured 8 different local vendors, all associated with improving wellness. These vendors included massage therapists, stress analysists, organic farmers, insurance brokers, and more.

This year, we received a Worksite Wellness Award at the 2022 WWCL Annual Conference. Our award was to celebrate our success in Mental Health and Tobacco Cessation. Two of our associates, Molly Steinmetz and Caroline Smith, accepted the award on C&I’s behalf.

In addition, our company hosts monthly events and/or challenges supported by the Go356 program. Our associates are encouraged to participate in these events, as well as join other online events throughout the year in order to gain points. These points can be cashed in for incentive prizes and have potential for a lower premium on health insurance for the following year. At C&I, it pays to improve your Wellness!