C&I Engineering

C&I Engineering Leverages EcoSys™ to Increase Value for Clients.

C&I Engineering is an employee-owned engineering, procurement, and construction management firm offering a wide range of services for refineries, chemical plants, utility facilities, and more. Leveraging EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software enables C&I maximize value add by optimizing resources, increasing predictability, capturing knowledge, gaining quick insights, and streamlining work processes.

C&I Engineering is an engineering, procurement, and construction management firm
offering leading services for refineries, chemical plants, utility facilities, and more.
Based in Louisville, Ky, C&I’s 270+ employees provide hands-on design expertise for
increasing capacity, improving efficiency, meeting environmental regulations and
prioritizing safety.

One of the things that differentiates C&I Engineering is a spirit of ownership. As
an employee-owned company, every employee is committed to serving clients and
finding ways to add more value. Its strong background in process, project controls
and project execution has contributed to C&I’s success. However, as the company
grew, it became clear that its homegrown tools were not scalable or sustainable.

One of the most important business drivers for C&I is resource management.
Staff often splits their time across several projects for several different clients, so
planning is very important. The goal is to make sure consultants are doing the right
thing at the right time. C&I needs to be able to keep its staff billable and accountable
in order to deliver maximum value to clients. However, the lack of reliable, traceable
and centralized data from siloed project management tools made resource planning
difficult, forecasting inaccurate and enterprise-level reporting close to impossible.

In order to create a software ecosystem for sustainable success, C&I decided
to replace its home-grown tools with a platform capable optimizing resources
and improving project performance across the enterprise. C&I selected EcoSys™
Enterprise Project Performance software because of its flexibility and ability to
integrate with its ERP system, along with robust resource planning and
forecasting capabilities.

Having one true dataset allows us to be more predictable. We can see what is a trend or not, leading to better proposals and better execution.”

Cliff Speedy

C&I now relies on EcoSys for forecasting, resource planning,
work packaging, lessons learned, and as its project historian.
Additionally, it leverages integrations between EcoSys and the
ERP system and Primavera P6 to seamlessly share data and
provide accurate reports.

C&I saw immediate benefits after implementing EcoSys. The
user-friendly interface helped its staff get up to speed quickly.
Less time is spent searching for information. Data is more
reliable, and as a result project reporting has gotten better.
Forecasting has improved, both in accuracy and granularity.
Visibility into resource needs has increased. Additionally, C&I
utilizes predictability metrics within EcoSys to adjust tasklevel efforts across time and personnel.