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    How to order Lyrica taper, Where to buy Lyrica online

    We love working together, we are passionate about what we do, and it shows up in every aspect of our work.

    How to order Lyrica taper, Where to buy Lyrica online

    Through the years we have experienced a great deal of success, satisfying client after client with sound, thoughtful solutions. That takes everybody working in sync. The nature of the work we do at C&I requires constant interaction between team members and departments, so we have multi-discipline teams structured by project and client.

    Our collaborative nature extends beyond our own walls. We are relationship-driven. Our associates are flexible, adaptable and very strong listeners, enabling us to engage our clients, perhaps unlike any other engineering firm. We are eager to tackle any project a client gives us, so much so that we want to pick the brains of everyone who may operate the processes, or maintain any of the equipment we will design. We want to know what all these key people want to see in our finished product. A maintenance person might have a desire or an idea that wasn’t surfaced in the project’s conceptual phase. We want to know about that. It’s the kind of thing that leads to great design, elicits subtle, but beneficial details, and adds value. This is why when projects end, our clients are eager to find new projects for their C&I teams to dig into, design and deliver.

    The bottom line is…yours.

    Come to work at C&I, and you will learn we’re very proud of our employee stock ownership program (ESOP). When we say you affect the bottom line of the company, we’re not talking about helping C-suite executives and a list of faceless stakeholders. You are a stakeholder.

    Your quality work brings clients back, resulting in more work for you and everyone else on the team. The sound conceptual studies you do that get projects green-lighted, the front end design that minimizes rework down the road, the creative detailed design, the precise estimating and adherence to schedules, the relationships you establish and nurture with our client partners, all contribute to the health and growth of the company. Your company.

    Contact Us

    Whether you’re looking for a family-oriented team for the next chapter of your career, or you need the perfect engineering partner to handle your critical ISBL project, contact us today.
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    A different kind of Engineering Company

    C&I was born in 1983, when eleven founders decided they didn’t want to leave town after their employer relocated its Louisville office. These bold leaders, the original founders, loved the Louisville community and wanted to stay here to raise their families. What’s more, they wanted C&I to be a company of colleagues working together with as little bureaucracy as possible. People who believed that better decisions were made when they were all in it together. More than 35 years later, C&I has become a leading engineering firm serving refineries, chemical plants, utility facilities and more, a history marked by client relationships and engagements that have lasted for years.